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Scanning service / UHD / FPGA version compatibility


The UHD library built into the scanning service on the PC host doesn't interoperate with the USRP firmware that's currently shipping.

This issue, and its resolution, will affect two groups of users:
  • New nodes don't come up with the presently-available scanning service. That makes it a blocking bug for the CityScape project. (A partial workaround is available, namely, downgrading the USRP's firmware to 008.003.001. But that won't work with the UBX daughterboards specified for the CityScape project.)
  • Existing, active nodes will have the opposite problem. For them, this would be a low-priority Feature Request; but it will become a Bug, once we (automatically) deploy host software incompatible with their USRP firmware. So, we will need to somehow support the node administrators in making the USRP-side upgrade.
I'm opening this as a single issue for tracking purposes. In terms of actions assigned, it might come to be split into two: the actual software update (testable in a CityScape sandbox), and managing its release to the legacy nodes.