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Should be getting an e-mail once a day for both station adminiss as well as site admins


There is a scheduled item that is supposed to happen once a day where a health worker role is run and an e-mail is sent out. This should be happening once a day and the email should be recieved. We have yet to recieve a single e-mail. This needs to be check out to make sure it is working properly and if there is any other configuration that needs to occur, that needs to be documented so that we can configure this for our production deployment.
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Associated with changeset 33163: 1. Created missing instance of AdminNotificationService, for sending mails
  1. Extra space was there in the path of resouce templates, because of that mail was not buiding. This has been removed
  2. Incresed page size for pagination in portal from 4 to 8.

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